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Avoiding the Perils of CIPP While Maximizing Its Benefits
So your engineering team has decided to use cure-in-place-pipe (CIPP) to prolong the useful life of the municipal pipelines, but w...
When I/I Persists After A Sewer Remediation Program
When you have completed a comprehensive inflow/infiltration (I/I) reduction program, but I/I levels are still not where you want t...
Dog Day in the Field
On any day, given the nature of the work we do at RJN, our firm’s field personnel see all manner of strange things. 
MSI Drives Rehab Planning for Large-Diameter Pipes
Like most cities across the US, the City of Tulsa is dealing with the maintenance and operation of an aging sanitary sewer infrast...
The 411 on Preventative Maintenance Programs
So, you reviewed thousands upon thousands of feet of CCTV footage and now you have mountains of data