Field Condition Inspection Solutions

At RJN, we specialize in providing comprehensive field condition inspection solutions for infrastructure management programs. Every infrastructure management program relies on knowing what assets you own, the condition of your assets, and how each asset impacts system performance. We understand that expert decision-making relies on quality data, and that's why we offer a range of condition inspection services tailored to meet your needs.

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Expert Decision-Making Relies on Quality Data

As engineers, we know the details are in the data., Whether it's manhole inspection or pipe inspection services, our goal is to provide you with accurate and reliable data that you can use to make informed decisions. Our team uses the latest tools and technologies to efficiently deliver data you can use with confidence and easily integrate with your management platforms.


Structure inspections

Our condition inspection services include structure inspections that document general conditions—deterioration, cracking, and other maintenance concerns—of your manholes, inlets, outfalls, valves, and other assets using full-manned descent, 360-degree scanners, or zoom cameras.

Smoke testing

simulates rainfall and uses high-intensity blowers to force smoke into your sewers. Clean water can enter the system anywhere that smoke escapes. To learn more, read our Smoke Testing FAQs.

Dye testing

tracks flows through your pipelines, storm sewer structures, drainage ditches, and other potential sources of groundwater inflow or infiltration. To learn more, read our Dye Testing FAQs.

GPS surveys

capture Geographic Information System (GIS) details of each of your assets to map and advance asset management and hydraulic modeling programs. RJN is a Silver-Tier ESRI Business Partner.

Private property inspections

identify drain or sump pump connections to your sewer system contributing to inflow and infiltration (I/I). To learn more, read our Building Inspection FAQs.

Internal pipe inspections

pinpoint the location of  I/I sources or leaks. Our complete toolbox of in-pipe inspection technologies including our Rapid Inspection Technology (RIT) can drive your planning and preventative maintenance programming. 


Flow and rainfall monitoring

captures sewer system performance to propel modeling, jurisdictional billing, and master and capital planning. Learn more about our flow monitoring services.

Lift and pumping station evaluations 

will ascertain the condition and functional service life of your pumps, structures, mechanics, and force mains. 

Night flow isolations

measure sewer flows when usage is low to isolate problem areas and focus your I/I investigations and reduction programming.  


Construction observation

services make RJN your liaison with contractors. Our NASSCO CIPP and Manhole Rehabilitation-certified construction observers proactively ensure projects are built to design specifications.

Day-to-day construction administration

will verify materials, equipment, traffic and erosion control plans, daily documentation, contractor coordination and oversight, change orders, and contract close-outs for your construction projects.

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