Stormwater Solutions & Management Services

As storms continue to increase in frequency and magnitude, flooding is a more pressing issue than ever for many communities. RJN can advance community stormwater goals by evaluating conditions and analyzing drainage flows and run-off to deliver design solutions and ensure regulatory compliance.

2 million
feet of pipeline assessed
74 miles
new assets found and inventoried

Minimize Wet-Weather Impacts in Your Community

One of the biggest challenges stormwater system owners face is knowing what assets they own, where they are located, and what condition they are in. All three are critical to capital and maintenance budgeting and planning.

Setting Priorities Through
Astute Analyses

Asset inventory development

integrates data into an interactive GIS framework to produce a precise map of your system. Our field professionals can also survey and record conditions.

Water quality sampling and monitoring follows EPA guidelines

and ensures your waterways and wetlands are protected. Our field staff can perform sampling, or we can train your staff.

Facility audits, stormwater operation reviews, and outfall mapping

conducted by our engineers provide comprehensive assessments and recommendations for stormwater management and operational processes.

Tailoring Programs to
Planning Horizon

NPDES MS4 program assistance

ensures compliance and permit acquisition with best management practices and minimum control measures.

Preventative maintenance programming

applies a robust blend of inventory data, artificial intelligence algorithms, and risk analytics, managed with our proprietary Clarity® Data Management Hub to focus annual televising, cleaning, and rehabilitation programs that maximize your capital dollars.

Master planning

creates a roadmap for long-term management of stormwater assets to provide a sufficient level of protection for today and the future. Leveraging hydrologic and hydraulic (H&H) models and system conditions, our engineers deliver management and funding alternatives that ensure stormwater systems can meet your current and future needs.

Bringing Plans
to Life

Stormwater engineering and designs

deliver constructible and maintainable traditional and no-dig solutions for erosion control, combined sewer separation, rehabilitating or replacing pipelines, inlets, and structures, and adding detention.

Construction monitoring and inspection services

for trenchless and open-cut installations ensure your projects are built to specification, on time, and within budget, regardless of project size.

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