Clean Water Engineering Solutions

Ensuring the health and integrity of your clean water distribution system is our primary focus. From hydrant and valve exercising to in-pipe assessment and design to construction programs—we tailor our clean water solutions to meet your needs and budget.

LF of pipeline assessed
LF of pipeline improved

Creating Resiliency Within Your Critical Water Pipelines

We ensure your community maintains access to clean, dependable water services that will meet demands now and into the future.

Prevent Issues 
Before They Arise

Focused leak detection

will identify your non-revenue water loss from any source, from major transmission lines to service taps, using a suite of proven technologies that will fit any budget.

Maintenance inspections

will ensure your critical assets and infrastructurevalves, hydrants, pumps, and pipelinesreliably perform to their design specifications.

Pressure monitoring

will identify where your leaks and potential risks are located and direct clean water engineering solutions to maintain community services and fire suppression.

Get More Value 
From Your Critical Assets

Risk and resiliency planning

will evaluate your critical pipelines and establish consequences of failure to support contingency planning for worst-case scenarios.

Asset inventory and management programs

will leverage a toolbox of specialty equipment, GIS technologies, and risk analytics to build a prioritized maintenance program with capital planning tools for your system. 

Modeling and master planning

will promote reliable services for your community, through future planning horizons, with an ear to the ground for funding opportunities.

Bring Your Plans
to Life

Tailored pipeline designs

will give you constructable and maintainable clean water solutions to add new services or rehabilitate or replace pipelines. 

Pumping station improvements

are crafted to ensure your system operations are healthy across pressure planes and meet ever-changing service demands.

Construction phase services

guarantee your clean water infrastructure solutions are built to specification on time and within budget.

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