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At RJN, we embrace flow monitoring services as an art and science, knowing that hydraulic performance is the foundation for your system studies, design verifications, master planning, regulatory monitoring, billing, and capital planning. We know that understanding system performance and its response to wet-weather is critical to utility planning.

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Using Data to Tell Your System’s Story

We are a full-service flow monitoring provider, delivering equipment, installation, management, and hydraulic analysis services. Whether you need a single meter or are implementing a large network encompassing hundreds of meters, we can meet all of your flow monitoring needs, including sewer flow monitoring and sanitary sewer flow monitoring.

Constructing High
Performing Flow Meter Networks

Strategic site planning

Our strategic site planning ensures the collection of quality data while prioritizing safety and selecting the optimal meter sites for reliable data. This approach is vital for sewer flow monitoring equipment deployment. 

Diverse equipment inventory

Our engineers have access to a diverse inventory of monitoring equipment. We match the right technologies, including wastewater flow monitoring tools, like flow meters, level sensors, groundwater and rainfall gauges, or pressure monitors, to each site's unique hydraulics, enhancing the precision of our data collection.

Real-Time Meter Network
Operations and Management

24/7 equipment monitoring

Our 24/7 equipment monitoring leverages a combination of artificial intelligence and programmed notifications to ensure that monitoring equipment is continuously capturing precise data from your system, enhancing the reliability of our flow monitoring services.

Continuous data monitoring

Our continuous data monitoring guarantees that the data you receive is comprehensive and accurately represents your system. We conduct regular screenings to identify any data irregularities, ensuring prompt equipment maintenance.  

Timely overflow monitoring

Our timely overflow monitoring leverages sophisticated automation to track and report your sanitary and combined sewer overflows (SSO/CSO) and design storm events. This provides you with the intelligence to take prompt action based on data-driven insights.

Accessible Analytics
and Reporting

Identify patterns and trends

With hydrographs, scattergraphs, and rainfall-derived inflow/infiltration (RDII) analytics, you can identify patterns, trends, and understand your peak flow, diurnal patterns, and system responses to wet-weather events more clearly. Our flow monitoring solutions empower you with actionable insights.

See results 24/7

using Clarity®, our proprietary data management tool, you can quickly assess how your system is responding to various patterns and conditions. Gain a deeper understanding of your systems performance through a variety of sophisticated analytical tools to improve your flow monitoring.

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