Inflow and Infiltration Solutions

Aging infrastructure and community growth create opportunities for inflow and infiltration (I/I)—clean water—to enter wastewater collection systems. This robs critical capacity and increases treatment costs. At RJN, we offer comprehensive solutions to address inflow and infiltration in sewer systems, allowing you to restore system capacity and reduce operational costs.

regulatory-driven I/I reduction programs
15% - 30%
average SSO reduction

Inflow and Infiltration Reduction
Restores System Capacity

We offer flexible approaches to locating I/I sources and measuring impacts that will make a difference to your ongoing system costs and operations.

Pinpoint Your Sewer
Inflow and Infiltration

Specialty tools and techniques

enable our engineering professionals to detect critical I/I sources within your sewer system, ranging from basin-level projections to in-pipe inspections

Inflow and infiltration quantification and mitigation solutions

enable our engineers to confidently direct and prioritize sound mitigation measures. We view the system as a whole using proven, in-house algorithms to assign I/I rates to each defect and asset, ensuring the most efficient use of resources.

Industry-standard condition ratings 

establish reliable and actionable criticality scores for each asset,  enhancing the management of your wastewater infrastructure. RJN is a member of NASSCO and uses PACP, LACP, and MACP scoring.

Program Strategies
Unique to Your System

Our pilot or problem-specific approach

focuses I/I investigations to provide proof of concept for more expansive assessment programs.

Our area-specific approach

targets inspections and focuses analyses on known problem areas.

Our staged approach

uses a prioritized strategy to design system-wide studies required by regulatory mandates or for annual maintenance programs, and is always scaled to fit your budgets.

Confidently Reduce
System Inflow and Infiltration

Tailored rehabilitation design

prioritizes and provides the most impactful I/I mitigation solutions for your sewer system.

Trenchless design expertise

leverages innovative rehabilitation techniques to minimize construction costs and community disruptions, even in highly urbanized areas.

Future Inflow and Infiltration program guidance

delivers effective planning; capacity, management, operation, and maintenance (CMOM); asset management; preventative maintenance; and private sector programs including ordinance review.

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