Inflow and Infiltration Solutions

Aging infrastructure and community growth create opportunities for inflow and infiltration (I/I)—clean water—to enter wastewater collection systems. This robs critical capacity and increases treatment costs. RJN engineers will work with you to create a tailored I/I reduction program that aligns with your budgets, time frames, and regulatory drivers.

regulatory-driven I/I reduction programs
15% - 30%
average SSO reduction

Inflow and Infiltration Reduction
Restores System Capacity

We offer flexible approaches to locating I/I sources and measuring impacts that will make a difference to your ongoing system costs and operations.

Pinpoint Your Sewer

Specialty tools and techniques

enable our engineering professionals to detect critical I/I sources—from basin-level projections to in-pipe inspections

Unique defect I/I quantification

allows us to confidently direct and prioritize sound mitigation measures. We view the system as a whole using proven, in-house algorithms to assign I/I rates to each defect and asset. 

Industry-standard condition ratings 

establish reliable and actionable criticality scores for each asset. RJN is a member of NASSCO and uses PACP, LACP, and MACP scoring. 

Program Strategies
Unique to Your System

Our pilot or problem-specific approach

focuses I/I investigations on known problem sites. This method can also serve as a proof of concept for more expansive assessment programs.

Our area-specific approach

targets inspections and focuses analyses on known problem areas.

Our staged approach

uses a prioritized strategy to design system-wide studies required by regulatory mandates or for annual maintenance programs, and is always scaled to fit your budgets.

Confidently Reduce
System I/I

Tailored rehabilitation design

prioritizes and provides the most impactful I/I mitigation solutions.

Trenchless design expertise

leverages innovative rehabilitation techniques to minimize construction costs and community disruptions, even in highly urbanized areas.

Future I/I program guidance

delivers effective planning; capacity, management, operation, and maintenance (CMOM); asset management; preventative maintenance; and private sector programs including ordinance review.

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