Wet-Weather Storage Minimizes Recurring Flooding Issues

Completed Saylor-Jackson Lift Station

CIPP Trenchless Technology Install

Creek Crossing

11 MGD
pump station upgrade
2 MG
wet-weather storage
8,000 LF
force main constructed

The City of Elmhurst initiated a comprehensive Flood Control program after experiencing street flooding and backups during heavy rain events. This program found that the fully developed southwest area of the city had significant capacity restrictions that needed to be addressed.

Hydraulic modeling simulations found that the pump station serving the area was undersized and the age of the housing and the number of connections to the sewer system, wet-weather storage at the WWTP was the best solution.

A new wet-well was added to the undersized pump station, the dry-weather force main was upsized and a new wet-weather force main was installed to route flow to the new above-ground storage tank. Automated controls track flow levels at the pump station and route flows to the storage tank when levels reach the programmed height. The storage tank then releases flows to the WWTP when flow levels decrease. 


Project Metrics

  • Hydraulic modeling simulations drove pipe sizing and optimal flow level benchmarks for routing flows to the wet-weather facility.
  • The wet-weather force main route crossed under a USACE-protected berm, a creek, and through a wetlands area. Jack and bore was used for the installation of the pipe.
  • In-line storage was constructed to manage flows at the pump station during rain events.
  • The pump station upgrades included a building expansion with improved street access,  pump station electrical service, a motor control center, Genset assembly, odor control, and a cast-in-place concrete wet-well with valve pit with improved street access.
  • Construction of the 2 MG pre-formed storage tank and odor control system. 

Project Leaders

Mike Young, PE
Project Director

  • Hydraulic modeling to size the pump station, storage tank, force main, and controls
  • Upgraded the 11 MGD pump station
  • Designed 8,400 LF of 10- and 18-inch force main
  • Designed the 2 MG wet-weather storage facility
  • Construction inspection

City of Elmhurst, Illinois


Elmhurst, Illinois

Service Period

2013 — 2016

Our collection system is very unique due to the significant amount of private sector sources. RJN has used creative approaches for both the inspection and rehabilitation methods to fit our system. I have enjoyed working with RJN on past and current projects and would not hesitate to recommend them to any municipality seeking assistance with their sanitary sewer collection system.
Paul Burris
Utility Operations Manager

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