Your single source for intuitive project life cycle asset management 

View, analyze, and manage live hydraulic and condition data

Clarity® is designed for utility owners and managers. It puts timely data and sophisticated analytics in your hands, allowing you to quickly make decisions and take action.

What is Clarity?

Customizable dashboards give a quick view of important project information.

Animate storms and compare peak flows or trend I/I impacts after each event.

Quickly locate system hot spots using bubble maps and heat maps.

Scattergraphs enhanced with Mannings curves and pipe dimensions.

Automated manhole sketches illustrate defect locations and I/I contributions.

View CCTV footage using pipe diagrams tagged with defect markers.

Clarity® makes decisions easy with on-demand condition and pipeline data.

WEF Innovative Technology Award 2020_Scale 50%

WEF Innovative Technology Award 2020_Scale 50%


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Transform Data into Knowledge

View your asset data spatially, and quickly filter to focus on your known performance issues or areas with recurring issues. Find what you need, when you need it.

Powerful Data Analytics

Hydraulic curves, system balancing, defect analytics, trending, and automation tools allow you to quickly analyze your system data and take next steps.

Focus Capital Dollars

Use advanced analytics to clearly visualize capacity, inflow/infiltration, and structural defect hot spots. Expedite maintenance or capital improvements where they are needed.

Simplify Results

You no longer need to wait for results or wade through printed reports to take action. GIS map views and intuitive dashboards bring results to you with all of the critical details.

What Our Customers Say

RJN’s Clarity platform is an excellent means of monitoring the performance of our collection system as we close-in on meeting the requirements of our Consent Administrative Order. RJN customized a rainfall display for LRWRA that allows our ratepayers, regulators, and staff real-time access to rainfall events across the city and correlates the rainfall intensities to our design storm.
John Holloway, PE
Little Rock Water Reclamation Authority

Clarity® brings all of your hydraulic and condition data into one usable platform that is easily integrated with business intelligence and hydraulic modeling software.