Water Infrastructure Experts

10M feet of pipeline improved

Wastewater services are one of RJN's core services. Using our solid understanding and a holistic approach we work with our clients to achieve pipeline clarity by ensuring long-term service levels and maximizing the remaining useful life of each asset. Our seasoned team of engineering and field specialists will examine conditions, analyze performance, and develop innovative solutions to advance fully functioning and sustainable sanitary sewer solutions that will serve your community well into the future. 

74 miles of unidentified assets located

As storms continue to increase in terms of frequency and magnitude, flooding is a more pressing issue than ever for many communities. RJN can advance community stormwater goals by evaluating conditions and analyzing drainage flows, delivering data-based design solutions for erosion control measures, and aiding with regulatory compliance.

15+ inspection technologies in our toolbox
Clean Water

RJN's mission is to ensure the health and integrity of water distribution systems. Using a toolbox of proven investigative tools and technologies, we focus on making sure that pipes critical to continuing services for the community are well maintained. From hydrant and valve exercising to in-pipe assessments to design and construction programs, are tailored to meet your needs and budgets.

96% average meter uptime
Flow Monitoring

We embrace flow monitoring as a science, knowing that hydraulic performance is the key driver for master planning, regulatory monitoring, billing, and capital planning. We have curated proven tools and means to meet the hydraulic challenges of harsh sewer environments and produce reliable and highly defensible data. Without tethers to a specific type of equipment, we deliver data that can be used with confidence for any operational decision.

1,350 programs developed
Asset Management

As infrastructure ages and budgets tighten, more and more emphasis is being placed on operating water infrastructure systems efficiently. RJN’s data-driven system analysis delivers actionable intelligence that reduces costs through informed maintenance and rehabilitation programs. Simply put, our goal is to help our clients achieve the longest asset life cycles at the lowest cost.

RJN employee-owners care deeply about what we do and the impact we have on our clients and their communities and infrastructure. It is personal to all of us. We know that how we innovate and deliver solutions is just as important as the deliverable itself. "
Paul Costa
President and CEO
13 Months  average start-to-finish time saved
Alternative Project Delivery Solutions

RJN fully integrates with construction contractors from preliminary design through construction to minimize project risks and maximize project results. Alternative project delivery can expedite project life cycles and lower costs by using a single point of contact to manage all project phases. RJN manages engineer-led programs where the construction contractor is involved early in the design process, providing critical insights for construction techniques that minimize construction risks.

288M LF of pipeline inspected
Field Condition Inspection

Every infrastructure management program relies on knowing what you own and what condition it is in. As engineers, we know the decision-making details are in the data, whether performing condition inspections, mapping and inventorying assets, or monitoring construction progress. Our hallmark is testing and adopting emerging tools and technologies that promote efficiency but do not sacrifice accuracy. The data we collect can be used with confidence and is always easily integrated with your internal data platforms.

7-9 Days lead time for virus detection
Sewer Surveillance

Routine testing of wastewater to capture viral load data puts critical and highly actional information in the hands of public health officials and community leaders. Using proven scientific tools and accepted CDC guidelines, sampling programs can be scaled to monitor where the need is greatest, from a single building or neighborhood to an entire service area.