Technology Spotlight: New Technology Puts RJN at Forefront of Innovative and Sustainable Collection System Engineering Solutions

RJN Group, Inc., has added a new technology to its impressive portfolio of evaluation tools. The new technology is BEM (Broadband Electro-Magnetic) pipe thickness scanning, and it has already proven itself to be a huge benefit to RJN’s team and a major value-add for clients. BEM technology again positions RJN at the forefront of innovative and sustainable collection system engineering solutions.

RJN Success Using BEM Technology

From 2011 to 2015, Baltimore County conducted a county-wide inspection program of all the force mains in their collection system to comply with their Consent Decree. RJN was tasked with force main evaluations/inspections, analysis of findings, and development of recommendations for corrective actions for assigned Baltimore County force mains.

BEM technology was one of many techniques and tools employed during this multi-year undertaking. To have BEM at RJN’s disposal was helpful, as it allowed for a more diverse set of evaluation options and enabled analysis and summaries with greater detail.  Using BEM technology in addition to numerous other tools, RJN was able to recommend corrective actions based on sound and defensible field-collected data.


Certified RJN expert using BEM technology


In preparation for the aforementioned Baltimore project, RJN engineers completed a two-day BEM training course presented by Rock Solid Group, the patent-holder of the technology. As a result, RJN engineers are certified to conduct field work with BEM technology and they understand and can interpret results gathered from BEM investigations.

Now RJN’s own BEM-trained and certified engineers and technicians can offer this expertise as part of their extensive suite of professional evaluation tools, which is a tremendous value-add to RJN’s services. As BEM inventor Mr. Roubal, BSc (Hons) Geophysics, put it, RJN is “…excited by the competitive edge it [BEM] can provide them as they roll out the training to new markets.”

RJN is capable of using BEM technology and can offer it to clients, but what is BEM? How does it work? What are the benefits of BEM technology? Here is a closer look:

What is BEM technology?

BEM, or “Broadband Electro-Magnetic,” technology is a leading-edge technique used in non-destructive pipeline inspection. Using pulse eddy current technology, it assesses pipes and other metallic and non-metallic structures. This creates precise measurements since most materials respond to electromagnetic signals differently, based on signal strength and frequency as well as other features of the material, including thickness.

Long Quarter CV1042 AWT






Graphed results from BEM inspection

RJN is a strategic partner licensee with Melbourne, Australia-based global geotech firm Rock Solid Group, and RJN recently developed interest in BEM technology by hosting RSG as a mobile demonstrator in the WEFTEC 2015 booth.

How BEM Works

BEM equipment applies the BEM signal to the material being tested and then it records the material’s electromagnetic response. From there, processing software evaluates a variety of features from the received signal. Based on this, the software is able to determine the relative wall thickness of the pipe tested. BEM technology is used with a wide variety of equipment to accommodate specific access problems and client needs.







BEM equipment applies the BEM signal to the material being tested in order to record an electromagnetic response.

Benefits of BEM

  • Maximizes flexibility and efficiency
  • Saves money since it helps target only those areas with suspected major degradation
  • Creates condition assessments with greater detail
  • Easy to use and easy to transport
  • Capable of analyzing a wide range of pipes
  • Doesn’t require removal of coating or lining
  • Records more precise measurements than alternative technologies
  • Able to measure other metals, like aluminum

Overall, adding BEM technology to RJN Group’s diverse portfolio of evaluation tools and training RJN’s engineers to use this cutting-edge technology is a substantial benefit to RJN’s engineering teams and clients. RJN Group looks forward to continue using BEM technology during projects.