Safety Training in the Summer

A major responsibility of both new and current employees at RJN is to always be “safety certified” in various field work tasks.

Recently, RJN eHarness-Safety-2mployees participated in two days of training classes becoming certified in OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration) 10-Hour, Pipe Plugging, and 4-Hour Traffic Control. The training was conducted by David Miguel, RJN’s Safety Consultant from Underground Safety & Supply.

The training for Pipe Plugging consisted of proper installation of plugs into sewer systems and proper daily maintenance.

The 4-Hour Traffic Control training had the employees learning proper traffic cone patterns for different situations when manholes are located in streets.… Read the rest

Clay Thompson is Inducted into the Five “S” (5S) Society

Thompson_ClayOne of our Client Managers, Clay Thompson, was recently inducted into the Five “S” (5S) Society at the Arkansas Water Works & Water Environment Association’s Annual Conference.  The Five “S” Society stands for the Select Society of Sanitary Sludge Shovelers.  Per Water Environment Federation (WEF), membership requirements vary from Chapter to Chapter. The text that follows are excerpts from Five “S” Chapter’s procedures. There are no “real” rules.

Selection to membership in a Chapter is recognition of “Outstanding, meritorious service above and beyond the call of duty.” Selection bestows the accolade of elevation “on the official shovel to the highest ridge on the sludge bed, with the title of Select Sludge Shoveler and all the honor, atmosphere, prerequisite, and dignity pertaining thereto.”

Selection of a person to membership should be approved by the Member Association’s Board.… Read the rest


APWA Congress & Expo: RJN’s 2014 Wrap-Up

Well, another successful APWA Congress and Expo has come and gone…  Thank you to Toronto and OPWA (Ontario Public Works Association) for being great hosts!

Today, I’m posting my thoughts about this great International event and why I find so much value to be an exhibitor with RJN Group and as an attendee.

I have four years under my belt (2011-2014, Denver, Anaheim, Chicago, Toronto), so I feel I should share some of my thoughts to all of you who might consider attending a future Congress.

For a Chicagoan, Congress starts at Saturday night’s Chapter Dinner.  It’s crazy to think that you need to travel hundreds of miles to get some quality time with some great people, but it’s true. … Read the rest

New Project Engineers Join RJN’s Central Operations

Our Central Operations continues their expansion with the addition of two new Project Engineers, Anna Kesler and Yann Gallin.  They will both be based out of our Wheaton office.

Group Picture 01

At the beginning of the summer, Yann and Anna both volunteered to run on the RJN team for the APWA Chicago Metro 5K race. Pictured from left to right: Tim Grimm, Ryan Johnson, Tom Romza, Connor Ramm, Anna Kesler, and Yann Gallin.

Kesler’s work focuses on Sanitary Sewer Evaluation Studies (SSES), flow monitoring, and hydraulic modeling.  Her responsibilities consist of report writing, data analysis, hydraulic modeling, and occasionally dyed water flooding.

She earned her Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering from Marquette University and is currently working towards a Master of Science in Water Resources Engineering at Marquette University. … Read the rest