Surcharge Monitoring & Alarming – Successful in the Field

We are using a simple surcharge gauge monitoring system to measure sewer flows and alert us when manholes surcharge and/or overflow. This monitoring system does not require equipment to  be installed within the pipe where it is at risk for fouling by debris. Furthermore, installation of the equipment is easy and quick.

The surcharge gauge consists of a pressure sensor that measures depth of flow in the manhole and a telemetry device to send data to a server. This photo shows the monitoring equipment when looking down into the manhole.



The pressure sensor is attached to a bucket installed on the manhole bench.… Read the rest

Topgolf Chicago APWA Chicago Metro Outing

Practice Makes Perfect for RJN Engineers at Topgolf Chicago

Last Thursday, May 15th, Tom Romza and Ryan Johnson, engineers in our Wheaton, Illinois office, participated in APWA Chicago Metro Chapter’s Youth Professional’s Topgolf Chicago Outing.

Topgolf Chicago is an entertainment facility where players hit microchipped golf balls at targets on an outfield. And for the sake of competition, the high-tech balls instantly score each shot’s accuracy and distance.

Tom and Ryan were on a team with Jennifer Barlas, APWA Chicago Metro Chapter President, and Mike Hall, Engineer for the City of Elgin.  Mike won the first two games. Letting it go to his head a bit, he teased Tom mercilessly for the majority of the night for his lackluster golf skills.… Read the rest

Lindsey Sylvester, P.E., Project Engineer - Baltimore, MD

Lindsey Sylvester, P.E. Celebrates Four Years with RJN


Dog or Sewer Shark?
Ridley is Lindsey’s dog that her and her husband, Joe, rescued from a puppy mill in 2013.

Lindsey Sylvester, P.E., a Project Engineer operating out of RJN’s Baltimore office, is celebrating her four (4) year anniversary with RJN this month!

Lindsey is a native Delawarean and graduated from the University of Delaware (one of four Fighting Blue Hens in the Baltimore office!).  Outside of work she is a musician and a rower.  She plays two (contrasting) instruments – the trombone and the clarinet, and she is a crew rower with the Baltimore Rowing Club.

Some highlights from the past 4 years:

  • Marrying her husband, Joe Sylvester, in 2013
  • Rescuing her dog Ridley
  • Obtaining her Professional Engineer (P.E.) License in the state of Maryland
  • Attending Johns Hopkins University to earn her Master Degree in Environmental Engineering Planning and Management (graduation set for May 2015)
This photo shows Lindsey installing a pressure system monitor.  The gauge measures minimum, average, and maximum pressure values at 5-minute intervals in low pressure sanitary sewer systems, aka grinder pumps.

This photo shows Lindsey installing a pressure system monitor.

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I/I Pie Chart

What does that flow look like?

As a leading expert in wastewater collection systems, one of RJN’s strongest specialty services is the identification of inflow and infiltration (I/I) sources in sanitary sewer systems. Using a combination of smoke testing, manhole inspection, dye flood testing, building inspection, and sewer televising, detailed data on the locations and characteristics of I/I sources are collected in the field and then compiled in ways that are useful for analyzing their aggregate effects on the collection system.

A key component of this analysis and of any sanitary sewer evaluation survey (SSES) is the flow quantification process — that is, the estimation of the total flow that would be contributed by the identified I/I sources during a wet-weather event.Read the rest