Paul Costa

President and CEO | Assessment Innovator | Youth Sports Coach

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30 years of industry experience
120K+ Miles of Pipeline Assessment

We thrive on delivering projects that save money for public water and wastewater utilities."

Paul specializes in crafting pipeline solutions that apply the latest technology to cost-effectively address client challenges and overcome aging infrastructure. Ultimately, this client-shared goal serves the community by keeping its residents environmentally safe and providing continuity for essential utility services.

The experience that sets him apart

Paul delivers on client-centric solutions because he listens and continually collaborates with RJN's whole team of problem-solving engineers to resolve hindrances to inflow/infiltration reduction programs and buried infrastructure assessment. His methodology allows clients to become fully informed on where and how they can take measures to improve public utility performance.

Credentials & Certifications

Paul's Projects

Wastewater, Flow Monitoring
212 Billing Meter Sites

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