Kraig Moodie

Regional Vice President | Wastewater Flow Analytics Entrepreneur | WEF Operation Challenge Coordinator

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28 years of industry experience
Past President of Chesapeake Water Environment Assn.

Hydro-technologies date back as far as the ancient Minoans on the Isle of Crete. While hydro-engineering has come a long way, municipalities still need an engineer who can sift through the weather extremes, data outliers, and cost-prohibitive designs to find the practical fix. I make solution-finding easy because I always start with substantiated data and proven methodologies."  

Achieving regulatory compliance and proactive management for infrastructure clients are strong passions reflected throughout Kraig's professional career. Achieving diversity and inclusion in the workplace is another ideal that Kraig frequently promotes at industry events and within RJN.

Kraig is one of the founding members of the YH20 Program through the Chesapeake Water Environment Association and Baltimore’s Department of Public Works, a program dedicated to finding meaningful water and wastewater career opportunities for the un- and under-employed youth of Baltimore City.

Kraig has been honored with CWEA’s President’s Award (2015, 2016, & 2021), the William D. Hatfield Award, and a Golden Manhole, he is also a current member of CWEA’s 5S Society.

The experience that sets him apart

Most people look at a single component of a larger collection system and then wonder why it's not performing. Kraig's approach is to widen the view to encompass all the contributing systems using inductive reasoning. Then, he eliminates suspect components by measuring hydraulic performance via pump station monitors, flow meters, and condition sensors. His approach allows for more precise flow balancing, tracks changes over weather-related events to build predictive behavior maps, and facilitates better-informed decisions.

Credentials & Certifications

  • BS in Civil Engineering from Worcester Polytechnic Institute
  • NASSCO Pipeline Assessment and Manhole Assessment Certification

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