The Ins and Outs of Upgrading a Large Billing Meter Network

Billing Meter Network for Boston and the Surrounding Area

MWRA Metering Site

Meter Installation

Meter ISite

billing meter sites
227 miles
sewer system piping

The Massachusetts Water Resources Authority (MWRA) permanent metering network has 212 metering sites located throughout MWRA’s 43 wastewater member communities. The network monitors flows traveling through 227 miles of sewer. The gravity sewer lines range from 8-inches to 150 x 130 inches, with manhole depths ranging from 5 feet to over 40 feet.

MWRA uses 189 meters in the network to quantify flows coming from the member communities for treatment. Flow rates form the basis for formulating monthly sewer charges. Additionally, MWRA uses data collecting from the metering network for collection and treatment system analyses and planning, inflow and infiltration (I/I) quantification in member communities, and for hydraulic modeling and operations support.

RJN engineers, working with MWRA staff, produced a plan for the meter network upgrade by assessing flow hydraulics, the equipment, and the equipment configurations at each site and recommended changes to optimize the network and ensure accurate data for billing. We are also overseeing the installation of the new equipment, and validating site configurations and operations.


Project Metrics

  • Temporary meters and flow isolations were performed to confirm metered flow and evaluate any currently unmeasured flows.
  • A comparative analysis was also performed of all available metering technologies and data management applications. A comparative matrix highlighting equipment life cycle costs, equipment accuracy, and equipment reliability was developed.


Project Leaders

Paul Costa
Project Director

  • Hydraulic assessments
  • Engineering evaluations and recommendations for equipment and sites
  • Analysis and recommendation of viable web-based data management platforms
  • Recommendations for community flow formulas (CFF) for billing calculations
  • Professional engineering services and development of bid specifications
  • Community outreach

Massachusetts Water Resources Authority (MWRA)


Boston, Massachusetts

Service Period

2017 — Ongoing

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