Jose Maldonado, PE

Vice President | Senior Project Manager | Home Improvement & Landscape Maverick

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21 years of industry experience
Bilingual, Fluent in English & Spanish

By mentoring young engineers, I'm not simply expanding their technical knowledge. I'm also stoking their passion for better environments and safer communities."

His expertise is specifically focused on master planning, condition assessments, streamlining rehabilitation and improvement programs, and educating public stakeholders. Jose looks out for the municipality's best interests (prolonging useful service life, performance optimization, and minimization of service disruptions) by delving into water and wastewater performance peculiarities with his natural eye for detail. He strives to consistently set reasonable and achievable goal expectations while exploring trenchless methods of construction and listening to client input along the way.

The experience that sets him apart

Jose's opportunities to travel allow him to see differences first-hand in the collection system design, application, and usage. When his wife and Jose travel back to her familial home in China, he's seen how the infrastructure compares and functions differently for their communities. The quote from William Gibson comes to his mind when contrasting the two sewer systems; "When you want to know how things really work, study them when they're coming apart."  

Jose has leveraged these insights over the last two decades when preparing the risk-based rehabilitation program for San Antonio Water Systems (SAWS) that included over 65 miles of rehabilitation for its collection systems. This program is used by SAWS to this day to continue their SSO reduction program.

Credentials & Certifications

  • Licensed Professional Engineer in Texas
  • BS in Civil Engineering from Lamar University
  • NASSCO Pipeline Assessment, Manhole Assessment & Lateral Assessment Certification U-1216-07004963

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