Daniel Jackson, PE

Senior VP | Infrastructure Master Planner | Youth Extracurricular Mentor

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18 years of industry experience
10M LF of Hydraulic Models & Master Plans

When working with the team to develop long-term utility solutions, I holistically focus on alleviating systematic issues which occur from decades of deteriorating infrastructure."

Dan's engineering expertise lies in supporting the development of infrastructure solutions. Leveraging the system performance indicators makes forecasting and resource planning easier while also safeguarding CIP investments. He has worked extensively with utility clients to develop programs to meet regulatory mandates and consent decree negotiations with the Department of Justice. He is passionate about surfacing evidence and providing practical solutions for buried infrastructure systems with data that articulates their performance. 

The experience that sets him apart

Supporting the development of infrastructure solutions means evolving the systems and processes so the utility improvements and process gains can maximize their benefits to the community. With over 100 condition assessments and dozens of utility design projects successfully completed, Dan has the skills to prioritize CIP programs and foster understanding of macro-system performance.

Credentials & Certifications

  • Licensed Professional Engineer in Texas and Arkansas
  • BS in Civil Engineering from Texas Tech University, Texas
  • NASSCO Certified Professional for
    Pipeline and Manhole Condition Assessment (PACP/MACP)

Daniel's Projects

Wastewater, Capacity Analysis, Design, Planning
90% pipe with RUL <2 years
Flow Monitoring, Condition Assessment, Capacity Analysis, Planning
<3 SSO per 100 miles achieved

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