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A professional engineering and pipeline condition assessment specialist serving communities across the country by extending and restoring the useful service life of sewer, water, and stormwater assets.

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Take action now with live hydraulic and condition assessment data displayed spatially and enhanced with robust, real-time analytics. 

Digital automation transforms data

Predictive analytics elevate response

Visualize trends and hot spots

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We are experts in all things water

10M feet of wastewater improved

Using a combination of emerging technologies and innovative techniques that honor industry-accepted NASSCO standards, RJN engineers work diligently to improve wastewater system performance with precision and efficiency

98% uptime average for all projects
Flow Monitoring

The art and science of flow monitoring uses the right equipment at the right locations to produce reliable and defensible data that can be used with confidence to build critical I/I remediation and CMOM programs, master planning, capital planning, or support and jurisdictional billing applications.

7 to 9  days advance notice of viral spread
Sewer Surveillance

Wastewater sampling programs are recognized by the CDC as an effective way to gain advanced warning of viral spread in communities. Programs can be scaled to monitor single buildings, neighborhoods, or the whole community depending on reporting needs. 

74 miles of discovered assets inventoried

As storms continue to increase in frequency and magnitude, proactive stormwater management is focusing on knowing what assets you own, what condition they are in, and how they perform when the rainfall comes.  

15+ specialty technologies in our toolbox
Clean Water

Ensuring reliable drinking water service and minimizing non-revenue water loss are key issues facing every water system owner and operator today.

13 month average reduction in time-to-construct

Engineer-led design-build project delivery expedites time-to-completion and minimizes construction surprises when engineers, designers, and construction contractors work together through each phase of a project. 

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Wastewater, Assessment, Design, Construction Management
When Age Isn't the Cause of Pipe Failure

A prioritized repair and replacement plan, starting with more severely deflected sections for the Little Osage Gravity Sewer.

In Wastewater
97% pipeline repair required
Wastewater, Flow Monitoring
The Ins and Outs of Upgrading a Large Billing Meter Network

The Massachusetts Water Resources Authority (MWRA) permanent metering network captures jurisdictional billing data for 43 wastewater member communities. 

In Wastewater
212 billing meter sites

Knowledge Hub

The 411 on Preventative Maintenance Programs

So, you reviewed thousands upon thousands of feet of CCTV footage and now you have mountains of data on your sewer system. Great, but now what?

In Sewers
When I/I Persists After a Sewer Remediation Program

When you have completed a comprehensive I/I reduction program, but your I/I levels are still not where they should be. 

In Inflow/Infiltration
Inflow/Infiltration Sources Captured on Video

Inflow/infiltration or clean water entering the collection system can strain capacity and overflows. Private sector sources can be large contributors.

In Inflow/Infiltration
RJN Earns Best Firm to Work for Recognition Again

RJN Group, Inc. has been named a Zweig Group Best Firms to Work For.  This recognition is a culmination of effort by all employee-owners.

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MSI Drives Rehab Planning for Large-Diameter Pipes

Like most cities across the US, the city of Tulsa is dealing with the maintenance and operation of an aging sanitary sewer infrastructure...

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