Success Stories

Wastewater, Flow Monitoring
212 billing meter sites
Stormwater, GIS
74 miles of assets mapped
Wastewater, Design, Construction Management,
97% pipeline repair required
Wastewater, Capacity Analysis, Design, Construction Management
2 MG wet-weather storage
Flow Monitoring, Condition Assessment, Capacity Analysis, Planning
<3 SSO per 100 miles achieved
Wastewater, Design-Build, Capacity Analysis
2016 APWA project of the year
Wastewater, Capacity Analysis, Design, Planning
90% pipe with RUL <2 years
Wastewater, Clean Water, Stormwater, Condition Assessment, Design
700+ assets mapped
Clean Water, Condition Assessment
1,072 valves inspected and assessed
Wastewater, Clean Water, Capacity Analysis, Design
4,020 LF water main designed
Wastewater, Design
2,900 LF bypass pumping
Wastewater, I/I Mitigation
Wastewater, Condition Assessment, Planning
Wastewater, Assessment, Design, Construction Management
97% pipeline repair required
Wastewater, Design, Planning, Construction Management
MG wet-weather storage
Flow Monitoring, Planning, I/I Source Detection, Design
<3 SSO per 100 miles achieved

Awards & Recognition

Wastewater, Design-Build
2016 APWA Project of the Year
Wastewater, Planning, Design
90 % of pipe with RUL < 2 years
Stormwater, Clean Water, Wastewater, Asset Management
700+ GIS map updates
Clean Water, Asset Management, Valve Exercise
1,072 valves inspected and assessed
Trenchless Rehabilitation, Clean Water, Wastewater, Pipeline Design
4,020 LF Water Design

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