MTA Around the Nation

As announced in July, RJN Group, Inc and Austrian based company, MTA Messtechnik, have begun collaboration state-side, subsequently forging a partnership that has expanded RJN’s water and wastewater pipeline condition assessment services. Read the original article here and watch a video explaining the device in detail here.

As the company broadens its North American foot print, several pilot projects have occurred around the country. Just one block from the White House in Washington D.C., an inspection of a distribution main using the untethered MTA pipe-inspector, found the mortar-lined, cast-iron water main from 1888 to was miraculously uncompromised.

Last Spring, MTA performed a force main inspection in the City of Joliet, Illinois, resulting in a confirmed leak and multiple gas pockets. Watch the video of the inspection here.

In its short American debut, the Pipe-Inspector┬« has already proven to be a cost-effective and practical solution for municipalities and utilities looking to inspect pipeline of various sizes. Combining the visual component of CCTV and the listening ability of acoustic leak detection, the tool’s advanced technology is sure to be an industry game-changer.