RJN has completed more than 1,600 Sanitary Sewer Evaluation Survey (SSES) projects.

RJN staff can provide a full range of services to support a Sanitary Sewer Evaluation Survey, including:

  • GPS survey and mapping
  • Flow and rainfall monitoring
  • Condition assessments/field inspections
  • Capacity analysis and hydraulic modeling
  • Private inflow removal assistance
  • Regulatory assistance and compliance GIS data integration

RJN engineers analyze the results of this survey—including manhole inspections, television inspections, smoke testing, and dyed water flooding—to develop a comprehensive rehabilitation approach for the entire system.  GIS layers and maps are provided and integrated during all evaluation projects.


Among RJN’s field investigation capabilities during these surveys are:

  • Manhole and Pipe Inspection
  • Dual Blower Smoke Testing
  • Building Service Inspections
  • Dyed Water Testing
  • Night Flow Isolations
  • Internal Pipe Inspections (i.e., closed-circuit televised inspection, laser, sonar)