Planning for future service needs of your community is vital to successful wastewater system management.

Master planning evaluates existing conditions and future service requirements to develop long- and short-term capital plans.  Hydraulic modeling, simply put, is a digital simulator of a collection system. Hydraulic models simulate system response to various scenarios ranging from wet-weather events and usage needs due to population growth to vetting proposed improvements to assess cost-effectiveness.  RJN is experienced with all the industry-accepted modeling suites and can help you analyze your system and plan for the future.


RJN is familiar with the following hydraulic modeling tools:

  • InfoWorks
  • SewerGEMS

Using data collected from evaluations like flow monitoring and scenarios predicted through hydraulic modeling, RJN can develop a master plan that meets your needs. Our master planning services include:

  • Projection of future wastewater flows
  • Condition assessment and performance evaluation
  • Regulatory requirements review
  • Development and evaluation of alternative feasibility plans
  • Cost and environmental impact estimates
  • Development of conceptual designs
  • Financial planning assistance