Tristan Nickel, PE, AWAM

Senior Project Manager | Asset Management Specialist | BSA Cubmaster

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14 years of industry experience
AWAM Certified Professional

I enjoy walking my clients through asset management concepts. Developing an asset  program is an iterative process that involves evaluating multiple factors. Often more than one utility system is impacted."

Tristan’s passion lies in capturing and simplifying asset management processes and risk analyses. When he can illuminate buried infrastructure with a virtual dashboard, it allows the client to send in their elite team to remediate, repair, and preemptively address issues with cost-effective solutions.

The experience that sets him apart

Making civil engineering technologies work for a specific utility and locale means understanding the data, environmental factors, and quality controls that can make the diagnostics sing. Tristan's organized and straightforward approach eases what might otherwise appear to be a cumbersome task because he simplifies the analysis and streamlines procedures. Then, utility engineers can make evidential decisions with fewer hassles from infrastructure tunnel vision.

Credentials & Certifications

  • Licensed Professional Engineer in Arkansas and Texas
  • Associate Water Asset Manager (AWAM) Certification from BAMI-I
  • BS in Civil Engineering from the University of Arizona, Tucson, Arizona

Tristan’s Work

Flow Monitoring, Condition Assessment, Capacity Analysis, Planning
<3 SSO per 100 miles achieved
Wastewater, Clean Water, Asset Management, Planning

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