When Age Isn't the Cause of Pipe Failure

NACA Emergency Repair

Construction of New Pipe Replacement

Wet Ground Conditions During Construction

47K LF
multi-sensor assessment
pipe segments inspected
97 %
pipeline repair required

In April of 2017, a segment of Little Osage Creek interceptor collapsed creating concerns about the overall integrity of the sewer. A multi-sensor (MSI) inspection of the 30- to 36-inch CCFRPM interceptor found a high percentage of the line had excessive deflection (over 16,000 LF showed a 7.5% or greater ovality) with several locations exhibiting severe cracks that were allowing significant inflow into the pipeline. RJN engineers reviewed the MSI footage and developed a prioritized repair and replacement plan, starting with the more severely deflected sections.


Project Metrics

  • Evaluated 47,084 LF of HDCCTV/LiDAR/Sonar footage, revealing 97% of the pipeline had significant sagging and showed signs of corrosion, wall thinning, and cracking.
  • Several failures occurred during the inspection phase requiring emergency point repairs for 2,600 LF of pipe. Construction oversight and MSI inspections validate the effectiveness of the interim repairs.
  • Designs to repair and replace the interceptor are underway.

Project Leaders

Shannon Jones, PE
Senior Project Manager

Randy Brodner, PE
Project Director

  • Condition assessments
    (47,084 LF/90 segments)
  • Engineering analysis and recommendations
  • Emergency repair construction monitoring
  • Design

Northwest Arkansas Conservation Authority (NACA)


Bentonville, Arkansas

Service Period

2018 — Ongoing

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