Exciting Avenues in Water Expansion

For the past calendar year, efforts to expand water services have been steadily underway. RJN has focused on building water offerings and subsequently minimizing non-revenue water loss for clients nationwide. By tailoring each water condition assessment and design program, RJN effectively provides the “right” services for each client, using advanced technology and cutting-edge tools.

Michael Wallette listens for leaks on a City water main

RJN’s water services are designed to effectively reduce risk exposure and actively limit client costs. By picking the right tool for the right purpose, RJN offers a multi-dimensional approach that focuses on resolving and preventing pipe failure. We understand that some tools and technology might not universally fit every problem. Because pipe materials fail differently, customized assessments are necessary to determine the appropriate fix. Having a toolbox with multiple solutions for issues of varying sizes, budgets, and schedules, allows RJN to efficiently address and resolve client problems.

Fire hydrant acoustic leak detection test

Recent projects have included several Acoustic Leak Listening Detection programs using non-invasive standard leak listening and correlator tools. Leak locations are isolated by the variation output in sound frequencies where skilled operators can precisely pinpoint the sound of escaping water.

Additional methods of proactive water pipeline assessment, combine both technologies of leak listening and CCTV in order to capture uncompromised, tetherless audio and visual inspections for pipes of varying sizes. We have also performed projects such as valve and hydrant assessments, water meter assessments, transient pressure monitoring, and electromagnetic broadband inspections. The latter is used to determine external wall thickness, relative wall loss, and doesn’t require direct contact with a pipe.

Computer used to process data

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