Technology Spotlight: RJN Deploys Device that Provides 360-degree Image Captures of 100 Percent of Structures

RJN Group, Inc. has yet another option for manhole inspection in its growing portfolio of evaluative tools: It is called Panoramo SI, offered by IBAK, and it proves to be very helpful due to its technologically advanced capabilities.

As RJN rolled out this IBAK camera for manhole inspections in Fort Smith, Arkansas, crews quickly became familiar with the easy-to-use scanning system while building speed and production numbers. On the office side, manhole images coming in for coding are extremely clear and detailed, allowing office staff to quickly provide accurate NASSCO MACP, Level 2 inspections to the client. Soon RJN will be expanding usage of this technology to other upcoming projects, including Jefferson, Arkansas, and COSA stormwater (City of San Antonio, Texas).

What is Panoramo SI?

Panoramo SI is a 3D optoscanner used for manhole inspections. The system features two high-resolution digital cameras with distortion-free, wide-angle lenses that scan the manhole interior in a single vertical run, transmitting digital image data to a viewer located in the inspection van.







Inspection van equipped with Panoramo SI
All p
hotos courtesy of RapidView IBAK



With the help of this device, RJN field crews scan manholes quickly. Then the 3D images captured during the scan are coded and inspected in the office. Unlike video from a pan-and-rotate camera, the Panoramo SI camera provides a 360-degree view of the manhole, capturing 100 percent of the structure, visually and geometrically, that can be panned and zoomed for analysis during the inspection or during follow-up office analysis. Designed for manholes 16 inches to 10 feet in diameter, the system can inspect structures up to 300 feet deep. During the inspection, a series of digital still images are captured and stitched together to form a 360-degree view—all in a matter of seconds.

IBAK Placement in Manhole





Panoramo SI being placed in a manhole



There are many benefits to using this cutting-edge technology during manhole inspections. Among the benefits are:

  • Improved Quality Assurance/Quality Control—Records diverse data points that can be reviewed and re-inspected at any time to ensure the highest-quality and most accurate and comprehensive reports possible
  • Greater Detail—Improved level and range of detail recorded
  • Higher Resolution—Increased resolution up to six times more than traditional CCTV for more detailed and higher-quality recording and analysis
  • A Wide Variety of Views—A wide variety of views to give RJN experts more thorough and detailed information for analysis, including:

              * 360-degree view to capture multiple data points and 100 percent of the structure

              * Unfolded view for measuring observations on the wall of the structure

IBAK Unfolded



Panoramo SI unfolded view


              * Geometric view to enable precise internal measurements of the structure’s geometry

  • Cost Savings—Enables quicker inspections (rapid inspections of 40 MH/day), which lowers operating cost
  • Versatility—Allows for full MACP, Level 2 inspection in the office based on the collected data, export to CAD applications, and GIS integration, which gives RJN’s teams the capability to translate data easily across platforms
  • Convenience—Can be viewed live or saved for assessment by office analysts later

Much like BEM pipe thickness scanning, which was discussed here on this blog last month, IBAK’s Panoramo SI is another innovative technology that RJN engineers can use in their inspection, evaluation, study, and analysis of pipe conditions, thereby offering their clients the best and most comprehensive solutions to wastewater collection system needs.