Project Spotlight: WWTP Design-Build, Hot Springs

The Davidson Drive Hot Springs WWTP Design-Build was delivered under budget and on time, with key improvements involving Headworks & Ultraviolet Disinfection rehabilitation. Completed in January of last year, the project replaced the City’s rapidly deteriorating plant.

Highlights of the new WWTP include replacement of the bar screens and grit removal system at the headworks of the facility, with new mechanical fine bar screens and grit removal equipment designed for 12 MGD average daily flow. The gaseous chlorine/disinfection system was replaced with UV disinfection, capable of peak flows of 44 MGD. Flows above the peak volume are diverted to the flow equalization basin by way of a permanent manual barscreen and by-pass, which was also constructed during the 1.12 year time frame. Despite the last-minute addition of a new non-potable water system, the project was still $400,000 under budget totaling $8.6 Million.

To view a complete article with client feedback and project details, click here.

The WWTP gained recognition this past Fall, when a Little Rock, Arkansas art exhibit showcased projects featuring local civil engineering firms. Among them, was RJN’s poster board representing the new Davidson Drive Wastewater Treatment Facility.

Click to see a PDF of the poster on display.

Downtown Little Rock’s, studioMAIN, Art Wall featuring project poster boards by local civil engineering firms.