RJN Implements InfoMaster to Meet Capital Planning Needs

The Metropolitan Sewer District of Greater Cincinnati is the publicly-operated wastewater utility serving 43 out of 49 Hamilton County, Ohio political subdivisions, as well as parts of the three adjacent counties of Butler, Clermont, and Warren.  It has a ratepayer base of approximately 230,000 residential and commercial users and operates seven major wastewater treatment plants and more than 120 pump stations.  MSD provides sewerage collection and treatment services to an area covering approximately more than 290 square miles, containing over 200,000 separate sewer connections which tie into approximately 3,000 miles of sanitary and combined sewers.

To optimize its capital improvement program and maintain the highest level of customer service, MSD initiated a comprehensive enterprise asset management solution aimed at getting the most for its investment.  The multifaceted geocentric solution uses ArcGIS to collect and manage asset information, Cityworks to schedule and track work orders, and InfoMaster Sewer to plan and phase system improvements and develop funding strategy.

Built atop ArcGIS, InfoMaster Sewer gives utilities critical insight into all enterprise assets, their conditions and work processes, facilitating significantly better planning and control. It lets them use powerful business analytics and smart network modeling capabilities in new ways to drive higher productivity and quality while managing costs and increasing operational flexibility.

InfoMasterRJN Group, Inc. engineers led the implementation of the Innovyze/InfoMaster solution providing tools to manage all linear sewer assets through a logical process of prioritizing assets based on conditions and failure consequences.  The process using a “decision tree” analysis assessed and determines critical pipes, optimizes inspection and maintenance tasks, and facilitates budgeting and short- and long-term planning.  Working closely with MSD staff data sources including CCTV data and hydraulic modeling data were integrated,  applications were customized, and a multi-faceted decision-tree aligning existing work processes and field data collection was developed.  The InfoMaster analysis tools are NASSCO MACP, PACP, and LACP certified and provide the solutions to prioritize O&M work creating sound condition- and risk-based capital improvement plans that optimize sewer assets and extend their service life.