Go-Beyond-the-Flow_smallWhen Wet-Weather Flow Reduction Isn’t Enough…Keep Calm & Go Beyond the Flow (2014)

Wastewater Workshop held on November 6, 2014 in Oakbrook Terrace, IL


RJN, SSES, I/I, and All the Rest…in 30 Minutes or Less – Zachary Matyja, P.E.

Flow Monitoring Data Analysis – Thomas Romza, E.I.

Flow Monitoring & GIS: The Building Blocks for Collection System Solutions – Dennis Gilbertson, GISP

Hydraulic Modeling: The Black Art – Vincent Bergl, P.E.

Capacity Improvements and Wet-Weather Storage РMichael Young, P.E.

Inside the Gearbox: The Latest & Greatest in Data Collection, Management, and Analysis – Matthew Huska, P.E.

Extreme Storm Events in Northern, IL: There’s Something Happening Here, But What It Is Ain’t Exactly Clear – Alan Hollenbeck, P.E., BCEE

When All Else Fails: Backflow Prevention – Catherine Morley, P.E.

Wet-Weather Freakonomics – Vincent Bergl, P.E.

Private Sector I/I: The Final Frontier (2013)Star-Trek-with-Photos-blue

Wastewater Workshop held on November 7, 2013 in Oakbrook Terrace, IL


Why Develop a Private Sector Program – Michael Young, PE

The Federal Perspective – John Wiemhoff, USEPA

St. Louis MSD Private Property I&I Program – John Wiemhoff, USEPA

Building Inspections – How to Conduct a Proper Building Inspection Program – Joe Sullivan and Kate Buckley, EI

Lateral Inspection and Rehabilitation РKarol Giokas, PE

Private Sector Disconnection Methods РCatherine Morley, PE with George Benes, Plumbing Inspector Village of Villa Park

Policy and Ordinances – Alan Hollenbeck, PE, BCEE

Developing a Private Sector Flow Reduction Program – Michael Young, PE


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