Service Summary: Flow Monitoring the RJN Way Saves You Money, Time

Flow monitoring is an initial step in improving your collection system. It helps you develop a plan for future field investigations while also prioritizing areas for study. Flow monitoring captures a clear picture of the hydraulic performance of a collection system. Flow meters, with the technology to record flow levels and flow velocity, are strategically placed throughout a system. Data is continuously recorded defining daily usage (base flows) as well as the system performance (peak flows) during rainfall/storm events.

How RJN’s Approach to Flow Monitoring
Saves Time and Money, Ensures Accuracy

Flow monitoring when done the right way with RJN – sending the results of constant real-time monitoring to a data group of experts who then analyze the data – is important mainly because it saves time and money. Flow monitoring is the first step in inflow/infiltration analysis. Instead of doing sanitary sewer evaluation studies, including manhole inspections, smoke testing, dyed water flooding, and CCTV review, on an entire area, which is both costly and time-consuming, flow monitoring can determine what sub-areas require the most attention; from there, money and time can be prioritized accordingly.

In addition, flow monitoring can be used to determine the capacity of a system. In conducting flow monitoring, RJN engineers and technicians can determine if any additional design is needed in a system, which will prevent any costly and time-consuming system failures in the future.

Let’s take a closer look at how RJN’s approach to flow monitoring is so beneficial to its clients:

  • Technology: All flow monitoring done through RJN is integrated with technological advancements that enable online access. Tablets equipped with data collection tools (GATAR) upload all data to RJN’s data management program (RPM), which allows for constant monitoring and real-time access. Alerts/alarms can even be set up to notify the client and RJN the moment a pipe is surcharging or there are other issues.
  • Data Group: RJN has a group of engineers and analysts dedicated solely to data management and analysis. More on this later. While other firms offer data analysis as a supplemental and secondary service included with their usual engineering analysis, RJN has a group of specialists who are experts with data and whose primary job it is to maintain data accuracy and uptime while also providing insightful analyses. This specialized focus on data enables more successful data collection, management, and analysis.
  • Proven Processes: With the help of cutting-edge technology and the experts in the Data Group, RJN is able to offer impressive accuracy and high uptime rates (greater than 98% every time) with its constant monitoring of flow. These proven processes ensure the most successful flow monitoring possible.

The Importance of Data Management

Data management and accuracy is key to the success of a flow monitoring program. As such, RJN has a centralized group of data professionals dedicated to all things data.  The RJN Data Group focuses on the collection, management, validation, quality, and analysis of flow meter data to deliver accurate sewer system hydraulic information.

The group is composed of experienced and trained analysts including degreed engineers (MS/BS), Professional Engineers (PE), and programmers that ensure the accurate and expeditious delivery of flow data services for every flow monitoring program conducted by the firm.  RJN data analysts use various analytical tools such as hydrographs, scattergraphs, and flow balancing methods to verify the accuracy and precision of the equipment.

Trust the Experts at RJN – Their Approach Gets Results

Overall, flow monitoring is a critical first step in improving your sanitary sewer system. As we’ve shown throughout this feature, flow monitoring is a great way to determine which parts of your system require the most attention, thereby allowing you to prioritize additional studies and focus your efforts in such a way as to best improve your system, saving time and money.

If you entrust this important step in improving your system to the flow monitoring experts at RJN, who enact an effective approach to flow monitoring that both ensures accuracy and saves time and money, you’ll assuredly receive the best results possible.