Flow Monitoring in Iowa

[DES MOINES, IOWA, March 5, 2018] – RJN Group, Inc., was selected by the Denison Municipal Utilities (DMU) to begin a wet-weather flow reduction program in Denison, Iowa’s sanitary sewer system. This initial project will provide flow monitoring services that will determine the amount of rain and groundwater infiltration and inflow entering the utility’s sewer collection system and support the ongoing sewer rehabilitation efforts.  RJN will evaluate inflow and infiltration (I/I) through flow monitoring with the use of 15 flow meters and 3 rain gauges.

I/I is a problem as it can cause basement sewage backups, sewer overflows, excess pumping, storage, and treatment issues for the wastewater treatment plant.  Flow monitoring will identify areas within the city where excess flow is most prevalent, allowing DMU to address these areas proactively.

After processing the data collected, results will yield a comprehensive report, prioritizing where rehabilitation measures will improve the Denison collection system. Recommendations on implementing further studies, including SSES inspections or hydraulic modeling, will also be suggested. The flow monitoring program will help the utility prioritize areas for rehabilitation to ensure funds are spent in a cost-effective manner.  Scheduled to begin this spring, the flow monitors will remain in place for 12 weeks.

About Denison Municipal Utilities
The Denison Municipal Utilities are a component unit of the City of Denison, Iowa, located 74 miles northeast of Omaha.  Denison is a quaint community with 8,390 residents.  Since 1949, the utility has maintained a proactive approach to update and remain compliant with mandates from the State of Iowa regarding their treatment of wastewater. Annually, over one billion gallons of wastewater is treated at their in-town facility located off Arrowhead Road.