Project Profile: Strong Long-Term Partnership Is Catalyst for Complex Metering System Upgrade

RJN Group, Inc. was selected by the Massachusetts Water Resources Authority (MWRA) to provide professional engineering services, including assessment of the existing wastewater metering network and data platform, field services, flow meter and data platform evaluations, design, and resident engineering/inspection services, associated with the upgrade of the MWRA’s Wastewater Metering System. To learn more about this win, see RJN’s official press release:

This project is a major undertaking, and we wanted to provide you with a preview of it so that you can see how RJN will use its capabilities to exceed the client’s goals.

System History and Background

The MWRA’s permanent wastewater metering system was initially constructed in 1994.… Read the rest

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Project Profile: In Tulsa, Using Multi Sensor Inspection (MSI) Platform System Helps Provide Solutions

Like most cities across the U.S., the City of Tulsa is dealing with the maintenance and operation of an aging sanitary sewer infrastructure. One facet of the aging infrastructure of significant concern is the City’s vast array of large diameter concrete sanitary sewer interceptors.  The City was quickly finding it difficult to determine the remaining lifespan of a concrete interceptor from traditional close-circuit television (CCTV) methods alone.  This is when they reached out to RJN Group, Inc. for assistance with advanced pipe inspection technologies and RJN’s knowledge of utilizing these technologies to determine the Remaining Useful Life (RUL) of each section of concrete interceptor.… Read the rest

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Project Profile: Major Stormwater Mapping Project Locates Many Previously Unknown Structures

At this point, you are probably very familiar with RJN’s capabilities when it comes to wastewater services, including condition assessments like manhole inspections, smoke testing, dyed water flooding, and building inspections as well as flow monitoring, hydraulic modeling, master planning, SSES, and remediation and design. What you might not know is that RJN can apply our impressive skill set and use of advanced technologies to stormwater systems as well.

For example, over the last three years, RJN has been using advanced technologies to map and assess the condition of the City of San Antonio’s stormwater collection system with stellar results led by RJN’s Stormwater Lead and Project Manager Noelle Gaspard, P.E., GISP, CFM.… Read the rest

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Project Profile: For RJN and Richardson, Proactive Maintenance Is Key to Success

These days, it has become much more important to be proactive with underground infrastructure maintenance as opposed to reactive. Ultimately, it saves time and money to take preventive measures as opposed to fixing issues as they arise. One of the ways RJN is able to do this is by effectively using risk analytics to determine the best course of action for its clients.

Recently, RJN worked with the City of Richardson, Texas, to support its ongoing CMOM and master planning efforts by conducting a risk-based sewer study. The program focused on evaluating existing CCTV footage, identifying hydraulic capacity issues, and assessing the risk of asset failure.… Read the rest

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Project Profile: Design-Build Project in Hot Springs Will Save Time and Money

On January 17, 2017, the City of Hot Springs approved a design-build contract with RJN Group, Inc. To learn more about this news, see the official press release here:

Press Release Announcing Hot Springs Design-Build Contract

As we have discussed in prior posts on this blog, design-build is an alternative project delivery method that often saves time and money by streamlining communication and expediting service delivery. After much success with this method on prior projects, including the award-winning West Park Wet-Weather Storage Facility project, RJN decided to offer this project delivery method to long-term partner the City of Hot Springs.… Read the rest

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