Avoiding the Perils of CIPP While Maximizing Its Benefits

Because CIPP programs have become commonplace, it is becoming more prevalent to encounter CIPP lining failures on installations long before the end of their estimated life, oftentimes within the first year of installation. These failures are expensive, frustrating, and completely avoidable.

Understanding the current state of the CIPP market, including the different types of liner resins, the different installation and curing techniques are important in this ever-changing market. When best practices are incorporated into CIPP design and specification development, it ensures a more successful installation. In addition, the role of a construction observer helps assure that the specifications and proper procedures are followed.… Read the rest

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Will it Rain?

Well, if you’re one to believe the NOAA Climate Prediction Center, and you live in the upper Midwest, then the answer is YES!  The official quote provided in the discussion is, “There are elevated odds of above median precipitation across North Dakota, the upper Mississippi valley and upper great lakes region, and eastern sections of the corn belt. (source)” Check out the map:


Now, for the rest of us who are cautiously skeptical when it comes to watching the weather, we’ll just have to wait and see.  As we all know, the map isn’t guaranteeing a lack of April showers in Dallas and river flooding in Milwaukee!… Read the rest

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