With schools closed across the nation due to COVID-19, many of you may have found yourselves filling the role of teacher to your kids. We’ve got some great news: RJN can help! Click the link below to download a learning guide,  developed by the EPA, that has links to Pre-K–12 environmental education resources with online activities, curricula, storybooks, as well as printable activity sheets to encourage daily learning and fun.

We hope these resources will provide meaningful educational activities about the many issues we face with stormwater pollution, water quality and other environmental topics; key parts of your MS4 compliance. Environmental education increases public awareness and provides the necessary skills to make informed decisions and take responsible action. … Read the rest

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When I/I Persists After a Sewer Remediation Program

When you have completed an extensive SSES program and implemented rehabilitation to remove Inflow/infiltration (I/I) sources from your system, but I/I levels are still not where you want them to be, what’s next? Finding those persistent sources requires diligence and good quality data. A suburban Chicago community was faced with these issues after 10- and 25-year storms caused hundreds of reported basement backups and an EPA regulatory action. After determining that I/I was still a major issue using collected flow data, RJN Group conducted additional sanitary sewer inspections and installed permanent flow meters around the city to continue to monitor flow levels and measure rehabilitation success.… Read the rest

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Exciting Avenues in Water Expansion

For the past calendar year, efforts to expand water services have been steadily underway. RJN has focused on building water offerings and subsequently minimizing non-revenue water loss for clients nationwide. By tailoring each water condition assessment and design program, RJN effectively provides the “right” services for each client, using advanced technology and cutting-edge tools.

Michael Wallette listens for leaks on a City water main

RJN’s water services are designed to effectively reduce risk exposure and actively limit client costs. By picking the right tool for the right purpose, RJN offers a multi-dimensional approach that focuses on resolving and preventing pipe failure.… Read the rest

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MTA Around the Nation

As announced in July, RJN Group, Inc and Austrian based company, MTA Messtechnik, have begun collaboration state-side, subsequently forging a partnership that has expanded RJN’s water and wastewater pipeline condition assessment services. Read the original article here and watch a video explaining the device in detail here.

As the company broadens its North American foot print, several pilot projects have occurred around the country. Just one block from the White House in Washington D.C., an inspection of a distribution main using the untethered MTA pipe-inspector, found the mortar-lined, cast-iron water main from 1888 to was miraculously uncompromised.

Last Spring, MTA performed a force main inspection in the City of Joliet, Illinois, resulting in a confirmed leak and multiple gas pockets.… Read the rest

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Project Spotlight: WWTP Design-Build, Hot Springs

The Davidson Drive Hot Springs WWTP Design-Build was delivered under budget and on time, with key improvements involving Headworks & Ultraviolet Disinfection rehabilitation. Completed in January of last year, the project replaced the City’s rapidly deteriorating plant.

Highlights of the new WWTP include replacement of the bar screens and grit removal system at the headworks of the facility, with new mechanical fine bar screens and grit removal equipment designed for 12 MGD average daily flow. The gaseous chlorine/disinfection system was replaced with UV disinfection, capable of peak flows of 44 MGD. Flows above the peak volume are diverted to the flow equalization basin by way of a permanent manual barscreen and by-pass, which was also constructed during the 1.12 year time frame.… Read the rest

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Celebrating 42 Years of Service

The start of a new year brings with it opportunities to break new ground, tackle new challenges and, on a more bittersweet note, say “goodbye” to an integral part of RJN. With over 40 years under his belt, and being the last of RJN’s original four employees, Al Hollenbeck has taken down his White Sox hats and is headed for retirement at month’s end.

Al has been a force within the company, helping RJN achieve many milestones and charting a course for success. From founder Richard J. Nogaj’s pivotal decision in 1979 to invest in the hardware that would become CASS Software, to the first million-dollar contract that led to the opening of a branch office in College Park, Maryland, to the 2002 champaign toast celebrating the company’s ESOP loan repayment—Al Hollenbeck was there.… Read the rest

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RJN/MTA Partnership Promotes Innovation in the North American Pressure Pipe Inspection Market

Wheaton, Il.— RJN GROUP, INC and MTA Messtechnik announced a broad partnership that strengthens RJN’s water and wastewater pipeline condition assessment services while expanding Austria-based MTA’s growth in North America. This new partnership will spark innovations in the pressure pipe condition assessment market by leveraging RJN’s condition assessment expertise and maximizing the features of the inventive MTA pipe inspection tools.

“Today’s announced partnership with MTA positions RJN to offer our clients a highly effective and budget-friendly pressure pipe inspection technology.” said Jeff Plymale, RJN’s President and CEO.

MTA Pipe-Inspector is a cable-less technology producing complete optical and acoustic inspection of pressure pipelines—PCCP, PVC, or DI/CI—without interrupting services or operations.… Read the rest

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Flow Monitoring in Iowa

[DES MOINES, IOWA, March 5, 2018] – RJN Group, Inc., was selected by the Denison Municipal Utilities (DMU) to begin a wet-weather flow reduction program in Denison, Iowa’s sanitary sewer system. This initial project will provide flow monitoring services that will determine the amount of rain and groundwater infiltration and inflow entering the utility’s sewer collection system and support the ongoing sewer rehabilitation efforts.  RJN will evaluate inflow and infiltration (I/I) through flow monitoring with the use of 15 flow meters and 3 rain gauges.… Read the rest

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Southwest Wet-Weather Control Facility in Elmhurst Earns ENR Midwest Award of Merit

Complex, Innovative System Garners Recognition and Achieves Exemplary Performance

Late in 2017, RJN was honored to have its Southwest Wet-Weather Control Facility (SWWCF) for the City of Elmhurst recognized with an Award of Merit in the Small Project (Under $10 million) Category of the ENR Midwest 2017 Best Projects Awards.


The Southwest Wet-Weather Control Facility, serving the southwest area of the City of Elmhurst, is a sophisticated wet-weather flow control system centered around a dry- and wet-weather pumping station that directs flow based on measured flow levels to a dry-weather force main, a wet-weather force main, and a 2.2 million gallon (MG) storage tank located at the City’s Water Reclamation Facility.… Read the rest

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Project Profile: Strong Long-Term Partnership Is Catalyst for Complex Metering System Upgrade

RJN Group, Inc. was selected by the Massachusetts Water Resources Authority (MWRA) to provide professional engineering services, including assessment of the existing wastewater metering network and data platform, field services, flow meter and data platform evaluations, design, and resident engineering/inspection services, associated with the upgrade of the MWRA’s Wastewater Metering System. To learn more about this win, see RJN’s official press release:


This project is a major undertaking, and we wanted to provide you with a preview of it so that you can see how RJN will use its capabilities to exceed the client’s goals.

System History and Background

The MWRA’s permanent wastewater metering system was initially constructed in 1994.… Read the rest

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Project Profile: In Tulsa, Using Multi Sensor Inspection (MSI) Platform System Helps Provide Solutions

Like most cities across the U.S., the City of Tulsa is dealing with the maintenance and operation of an aging sanitary sewer infrastructure. One facet of the aging infrastructure of significant concern is the City’s vast array of large diameter concrete sanitary sewer interceptors.  The City was quickly finding it difficult to determine the remaining lifespan of a concrete interceptor from traditional close-circuit television (CCTV) methods alone.  This is when they reached out to RJN Group, Inc. for assistance with advanced pipe inspection technologies and RJN’s knowledge of utilizing these technologies to determine the Remaining Useful Life (RUL) of each section of concrete interceptor.… Read the rest

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Project Profile: Major Stormwater Mapping Project Locates Many Previously Unknown Structures

At this point, you are probably very familiar with RJN’s capabilities when it comes to wastewater services, including condition assessments like manhole inspections, smoke testing, dyed water flooding, and building inspections as well as flow monitoring, hydraulic modeling, master planning, SSES, and remediation and design. What you might not know is that RJN can apply our impressive skill set and use of advanced technologies to stormwater systems as well.

For example, over the last three years, RJN has been using advanced technologies to map and assess the condition of the City of San Antonio’s stormwater collection system with stellar results led by RJN’s Stormwater Lead and Project Manager Noelle Gaspard, P.E., GISP, CFM.… Read the rest

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Service Summary: Flow Monitoring the RJN Way Saves You Money, Time

Flow monitoring is an initial step in improving your collection system. It helps you develop a plan for future field investigations while also prioritizing areas for study. Flow monitoring captures a clear picture of the hydraulic performance of a collection system. Flow meters, with the technology to record flow levels and flow velocity, are strategically placed throughout a system. Data is continuously recorded defining daily usage (base flows) as well as the system performance (peak flows) during rainfall/storm events.

How RJN’s Approach to Flow Monitoring
Saves Time and Money, Ensures Accuracy

Flow monitoring when done the right way with RJN – sending the results of constant real-time monitoring to a data group of experts who then analyze the data – is important mainly because it saves time and money.… Read the rest

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Project Profile: For RJN and Richardson, Proactive Maintenance Is Key to Success

These days, it has become much more important to be proactive with underground infrastructure maintenance as opposed to reactive. Ultimately, it saves time and money to take preventive measures as opposed to fixing issues as they arise. One of the ways RJN is able to do this is by effectively using risk analytics to determine the best course of action for its clients.

Recently, RJN worked with the City of Richardson, Texas, to support its ongoing CMOM and master planning efforts by conducting a risk-based sewer study. The program focused on evaluating existing CCTV footage, identifying hydraulic capacity issues, and assessing the risk of asset failure.… Read the rest

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Project Profile: Design-Build Project in Hot Springs Will Save Time and Money

On January 17, 2017, the City of Hot Springs approved a design-build contract with RJN Group, Inc. To learn more about this news, see the official press release here:

Press Release Announcing Hot Springs Design-Build Contract

As we have discussed in prior posts on this blog, design-build is an alternative project delivery method that often saves time and money by streamlining communication and expediting service delivery. After much success with this method on prior projects, including the award-winning West Park Wet-Weather Storage Facility project, RJN decided to offer this project delivery method to long-term partner the City of Hot Springs.… Read the rest

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Industry Trends: Finding “The Perfect Pipe”

In early 2017, the Southwest Wet-Weather Control Facility project, completed with RJN Group, Inc. as the primary engineering consultant; the City of Elmhurst as the managing agency; and Boller Construction, Inc. and Archon Construction Company as the contractors, earned recognition as a Public Works Project of the Year in the Structural: $5 Million to < $25 Million Category of the Suburban Branch of the APWA Professional Awards.

The Southwest Wet-Weather Control Facility (SWWCF), serving the southwest area of the City of Elmhurst, is a sophisticated wet-weather flow control system centered around a dry- and wet-weather pumping station that directs flow based on measured flow levels to a dry-weather force main, a wet-weather force main, and a 2.2 million gallon (MG) storage tank located at the City’s Water Reclamation Facility (WRF).… Read the rest

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Industry Trends: The Challenges of Working Around Buried Utilities

Designing large-diameter gravity sewer interceptors is challenging enough on its own, but there are often additional complications that can make completing these designs even more difficult: avoiding buried utilities. Try as we might, sometimes buried utilities can come as a surprise to the design engineer due to inaccurate, incomplete, or otherwise missing information concerning the location and depth of those facilities and more often than not, it is revenue-generating high-pressure gas lines and fiber optic cables. When this happens, the design engineer needs to be particularly resourceful in developing plans that mitigate, manage, and avoid these underground conflicts.

What makes this such a challenging problem is that the onus is on the design engineer to come up with an affordable and reasonable solution instead of making the utility company move their lines or cables.… Read the rest

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Technology Spotlight: LiDAR Improves Efficiency and Accuracy

At RJN, we always stay abreast of the latest technologies in the industry. If there is a new technology available that can make our field investigation techniques more efficient, accurate, and cost-effective, then we will definitely pursue it by either acquiring it ourselves or collaborating with contractors who possess the new technology. In both cases, be it RJN or a contractor with whom RJN is working, the teams responsible for using the latest technology will be experts with it, able to maximize that technology’s capabilities.

But having access to the latest technologies and being trained on how best to use those technologies is not enough—experts like the engineers and technicians at RJN also need to exercise good judgment, strong strategies, and creative problem-solving to decide when using these new technologies would be most beneficial to our clients.… Read the rest

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Industry Trends: What Is an ESOP and How Does RJN Being an ESOP Company Benefit Our Clients?

This month (October) is Employee Ownership Month. As an Employee Stock Ownership Plan (ESOP) company, RJN Group, Inc. has been celebrating this special month since we became an ESOP company in 1995. We are proud employee owners, and we know that our ESOP makes us a better company, well-suited to serve our clients’ best interests. Here’s why:2016-esop-month-poster

  • Employee-owned firms are more successful. Due to this, RJN engineers and technicians bring an enthusiasm and energy to client projects that enable better communication and an optimistic, determined outlook.
  • Employee-owned firms are more creative, motivated, and productive. As a result, our clients know we will meet deadlines, exceed expectations, and develop novel solutions that are both cost-effective and successful.
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Service Summary: What Is Design-Build and Why Is It a Good Idea for Your System?

As you may have heard from us and the press in recent months, RJN recently received national recognition for its design-build project, West Park Wet-Weather Storage Facility, completed for the Village of Wilmette with Boller Construction Company as Design-Build Partner. The APWA recognized this as a Project of the Year.  Learn more about this project on the RJN website, in our press release, and elsewhere on the RJN blog.

On September 26, 2016, RJN CEO/President Alan Hollenbeck, P.E., BCEE, will be presenting at WEFTEC 2016 about this award-winning project and how the design-build model allowed for it to be such a great success.… Read the rest

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Industry Trends: The Importance of Multiple Rain Gauge Sites

Within a single study area, the rainfall levels can vary dramatically. For instance, one of RJN’s clients saw 1.56 inches of total rainfall in 50 minutes throughout the center of the study area, but during that very same 50 minutes, the eastern part of the study area had only .1 inches of total rainfall.  Had RJN not been measuring at multiple rain gauge sites, the overall analysis of the entire study area would be both incomplete and inaccurate.

The video shown below depicts this rain event:

According to RJN’s Thomas Romza, P.E., “In this video, I enclosed the study area where we were flow monitoring.… Read the rest

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RJN Client Offers “Best Tasting Drinking Water in North America”

AWWARecently, the American Water Works Association (AWWA) honored City Corporation, the water and wastewater utility serving the City of Russellville in Arkansas, as the People’s Choice for “Best Tasting Drinking Water in North America.” This City’s water competed against 22 other locations across the U.S. and Canada that also won local, state, and regional competitions. RJN would like to congratulate City Corporation and the City of Russellville for this distinguished honor.… Read the rest

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An Interview with RJN Senior Project Manager Cathy Morley about Her Upcoming Webinar

Morley_CathyRJN Senior Project Manager Cathy Morley will be presenting a webinar about “Inflow and Infiltration on Private Property” on Wednesday, August 10, 2016, from 12 to 1 PM Central through the ISAWWA (Illinois Section of the American Water Works Association).  Registration is open until Tuesday, August 9, 2016.  To register, visit this website:
We caught up with Cathy to discuss her upcoming webinar.  Here is what she had to say about it.

Overall, what is your webinar about?

I’m going to talk about how you go about setting up a private inspection program to help reduce inflow/infiltration (I/I), including the program’s PR and enforcement.… Read the rest

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Industry Trends: The Rising Costs of Crumbling Infrastructure, Part IV

How RJN Can Offer Sustainable Solutions

As you might have gathered from this ongoing feature series, there is no easy fix for solving the problem of crumbling water and wastewater infrastructure. As engineers and technical specialists in infrastructure, we at RJN aim to develop solutions that not only meet the needs of today but also provide cost-effective solutions that can fit into yearly budgets.  What is more, as specialists we provide long-lasting solutions that are both innovative and cost-effective.

In fact, according to RJN CEO/President Alan Hollenbeck, P.E., BCEE, “RJN has pioneered the use of field investigation and software tools for prioritizing collection system rehabilitation.… Read the rest

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Industry Trends: The Rising Costs of Crumbling Infrastructure, Part III

Government Intervention

Numerous times in recent years, the federal government has attempted to address the problem of crumbling water and wastewater infrastructure. From funding assistance, to creating new offices to help communities, to conducting Senate hearings and publishing EPA reports, the federal government is aware of the problem and is working to figure out how best to solve it.

Government Organization

In January of 2015, the Obama Administration launched a new Water Finance Center at the EPA to assist cities and towns in securing funding and contractors for providing safe water, rebuilding sewer systems, and keeping rivers and streams clean. 1  Success of this new office remains to be seen, especially after recent problems surface such as the water quality in Flint, Michigan.… Read the rest

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Industry Trends: The Rising Costs of Crumbling Infrastructure, Part II

Crumbling Infrastructure—Background and Scope

While it is easy to look at the staggering financial figures and wonder how our country could require upwards of trillions of dollars to solve these problems over the course of only a few decades, it is important to consider the scope of the work to be completed and possible solutions to the problems associated with the rising costs of crumbling water and wastewater infrastructure.


In July of 2013, a Senate hearing took place to discuss this issue. According to the testimony of Gerald E. Galloway, P.E., Ph.D., Glenn L. Martin, Institute Professor Of Engineering, University of Maryland, among the infrastructure that needs improvement are: 

14,780 municipal waste water treatment facilities.Read the rest

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Industry Trends: The Rising Costs of Crumbling Infrastructure, Part I

The Rising Costs

Recently, negligence and possible misconduct of Flint government officials concerning the lead poisoning of that Michigan city’s water supply has brought crumbling infrastructure to the national spotlight. But this is not an isolated incident; every day, additional infrastructure problems and subsequent neglect are discovered in more and more cities across the U.S.

RJN Group, Inc., knows this too well, having been evaluating, studying, designing, and rehabilitating collection system pipelines for the last 40 years. Fortunately, from our perspective, there is no shortage of engineering workforce, talent, and solutions; unfortunately, on the other hand, there is a lack of funding in the industry to meet the dire needs of the crumbling infrastructure. … Read the rest

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Technology Spotlight: RJN Deploys Device that Provides 360-degree Image Captures of 100 Percent of Structures

RJN Group, Inc. has yet another option for manhole inspection in its growing portfolio of evaluative tools: It is called Panoramo SI, offered by IBAK, and it proves to be very helpful due to its technologically advanced capabilities.

As RJN rolled out this IBAK camera for manhole inspections in Fort Smith, Arkansas, crews quickly became familiar with the easy-to-use scanning system while building speed and production numbers. On the office side, manhole images coming in for coding are extremely clear and detailed, allowing office staff to quickly provide accurate NASSCO MACP, Level 2 inspections to the client. Soon RJN will be expanding usage of this technology to other upcoming projects, including Jefferson, Arkansas, and COSA stormwater (City of San Antonio, Texas).… Read the rest

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